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Digital Pet X-rays - Oakton-Vienna Vet Hospital

Dr. Blevins and Dr. Megremis Reviewing a RadiographyDigital X-ray units are great for you, your pet and our staff!

-To benefit you, our digital unit will allow us to email your pet's x-rays to a specialist before your appointment. You won't have to pick up the x-rays or return them to us. With a few clicks of a mouse, we can also send the pictures to a radiography specialist for a second opinion with a few clicks of a mouse. In addition, the process will be much faster from start to finish, so your wait for radiographs will be much shorter. We can give you a copy on CD for your records, if you wish, too!

-To benefit your pet, the unit allows us to use 40% less radiation to get better pictures. Because the pictures will be digital and can be manipulated by software, we will be able to have more accurate radiographs. Overall, this means much less exposure to x-rays for your pet. Another plus is that we'll be able to diagnose many problems much more easily because of the ability to change the image's contrast and darkness.

-To benefit us, our staff will be exposed to less radiation, just like your pet. We'll also be able to quickly view a patient's radiographs from any computer in the hospital

Many (if not most) human hospitals have transferred to digital radiography and don't use film at all. OVVH went digital to benefit you and your pet!