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"You are all so nice, caring, and kind, and Pishi is so lucky to have ovvh as her guardian angels!"

- Arezou Ghavami

"Dr. Jones has been our vet for over nine years. We were very fortunate to find her having just moved to the Springfield area from Germany. When Dr. Jones moved from our local clinic to the Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital, we came along as well! Dr. Jones has provided tremendous care, support, nurturing, and compassion for our Siberian Husky girls - Demi and Dutchess. She is extremely thorough in her examinations and follows up with timely and sincere calls to our home to ensure that all is well. Four years ago we had to make a very difficult decision about our oldest pup, Demi. Dr. Jones compassion for Demi and honest prognosis with regard to her future were great comfort to us in making our decision. Currently, Dr. Jones is guiding us through the golden years with our senior-citizen pup, Dutchess. We hold Dr. Jones in highest regard and thank our good fortune for having found her so long ago. "

 - Doug and Colleen

"Our Rudy, a 7 year old lab, was very sick for close to a month, and we were afraid of losing him. Dr. Christmus did a wonderful job of diagnosing Rudy's condition, an auto-immune disease, and started him on medication. We feel very fortunate to know Sandy Christmus professionally, as well as to have him as a friend. We always recommend our customers to OVVH and will certainly continue to do so. Thanks for your care and concern " 

- Anne and Gene, Rudy's Friends Dog Training, Inc.

"Our cat, Oreo has been a patient at Oakton Vienna Veterinary Hospital for about 4 ? years and most recently our new puppy has been coming to OVVH. Our 10 month old puppy, Rascal managed to eat a good portion of a plastic rubber ball, and when he was brought into OVVH, the x-ray showed several large pieces of the ball still in his stomach. Much to my relief, Dr. Christmus indicated that the x-ray showed nothing in his intestines but the pieces in his stomach needed to be removed immediately to prevent any serious damage. Dr. Christmus spoke to me about the procedure and explained everything involved. Although I was concerned that our puppy had to undergo such an invasive surgery, I knew he was in very good hands. After the surgery, Dr. Christmus called me and told me that everything went well and that he had removed 7 more pieces of the ball from his stomach. (Amazing what a 12 pound puppy can eat!). Since he was staying at OVVH the night after his surgery, I stopped by to see him. He was in a warm, well-lit area with a blanket around him and clearly in a safe and comfortable place. A week later and Rascal is acting as if nothing ever happened to him! Dr. Christmus and all the staff at OVVH have been wonderful to Rascal and to his family. Showing genuine concern and attention and providing excellent medical care for our puppy and answering all my questions, probably more than once. I would highly recommend OVVH for your special pet."

- Oreo and Rascal's Family 

"Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital is the first and only veterinary service I consider when it comes to our pets' health care. Drs. Christmus, Blevins and Jones provide the most up-to-date and most compassionate care in the business, as far as I am concerned, and have got us through some difficult and sad circumstances with our animals, as well as keeping them happy and healthy. The staff is friendly, efficient and empathetic. The newly-designed quarters are bright and welcoming - I feel everyone is genuinely glad to see me and my pet, whether for a well-care appointment or for a health issue. In fact, it is almost like a social call. And the web site is a very useful resource for a number of matters. You can't do better."

- Elizabeth H.


"I have always been thrilled with my friendly and caring service from several of your Doctors. The front desk is amazingly patient, since I have a dog aggressive girl doggie."

- Brenda R.  

"Although I do not live in the immediate area, I am happy to drive the extra miles to go to Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital where the considerate staff consistently go out of their way to offer a high degree of professional care."

- Nicole W. 

"I just wanted to again thank you for your extraordinary care and attention to my greyhound, Ethan, when he developed minor complications following tooth extractions earlier this month. My family and I remain grateful for the care, support and expertise you have brought to all our dogs over the years."

- Dave L.

"Pepper is a mixed Dalmatian-Pointer. When she was a puppy, her markings created her name? the solid spot on her back looked like a York peppermint patty. Now that she?s grown, we laugh and say her spot is the size of a pizza pie. Peppermint Patty (aka Pepper) came to us from Blacksburg, Virginia. Our son?s then girlfriend purchased Pepper as a 3 month old puppy from an animal rescue that had cages set outside a grocery store on a cold November day. Pepper was huddled in the corner of the cage and when our son came out of the grocery store, he was the new owner of a puppy, compliments of his girlfriend. After college graduation, one of our son?s first jobs was working in Greece for six weeks, so we took care of Pepper. Naturally, we formed a special bond with this puppy full of energy.

We were already clients of Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital because we had a black Lab that we had been taking to Dr. Blevins and staff for nine years. While we took care of Pepper, we had her spayed, and I knew she would be well taken care of at OVVH. Our Lab has since passed, and we kept Pepper. She has been the most wonderful dog. In 2003, we moved from Vienna to Stafford County. I still bring Pepper back to OVVH, because I think their quality of care is outstanding. We'd do anything to pamper our little rescue puppy from Blacksburg."

 - Ron and Vera W. 

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