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Dental Services - Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital 

Dental Prophylaxis:

Here at Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital, we evaluate your pets' dental health at every visit.  We will let you know when your pet needs a dental prophylaxis, commonly called a dental cleaning. Dental prophylaxis includes thorough evaluation of every tooth as well as the gums, ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar from above and under the gums, polishing of all tooth surfaces and a fluoride treatment, the same as when you go to your dentist.  

We use top-of-the-line high-speed, air-driven drills that allow less trauma to surrounding teeth and bone, if extractions are needed.


Dental Cleaning Before Done by Megan Davison

Teeth Before a Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning After Done by Megan Davison

Teeth After a Dental Cleaning


Dental Radiographs:

Just like in human dentistry, many of the dental diseases we see in dogs and cats are happening under the gum line. With dental radiographs (x-rays), we’re able to see much more of the mouth to help find and treat numerous diseases your pets may have. Bone loss from periodontal disease or teeth with broken roots can be difficult to identify visually, but radiographs can see them clearly. Broken teeth may look healthy outwardly, but radiographs can show painful abscesses deep in the bone which can be treated before they become more problematic. Kitties, and dogs more rarely, commonly develop “resorptive lesions” which can be very painful erosions of the enamel. Many of them are hidden under the gums but with radiographs, we can find and treat them to minimize the time our patient has been uncomfortable. This is a small sampling of the dental problems we can identify during your pet’s dental procedure while they are under anesthesia.